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2010-01-30 01:42:42 by MikeBlade

I have been a member of the Newgrounds Audio Portal community for close to 4 years, with my first music post being Alien Man. I have also been the victim of "zero bombs" several times. Most say its from Haters.....I like to think its because I haven't given my audience anything worth listening too over and over. I have struggled with trying to find a unique sound that is all my own. I want to get away from the traditional 2000's sound and EVOLVE into something that is all my own. Here in 2010 I want to present to listening audience a sound that is sooo unque, you can only relate it to the name Mike Blade. Look forward to what I plan to present....a whole new Mike Blade is going to emerge. Ja na

P.S: To my 20 fans I appreciate your patronage more than you know, look forward to this years music. ^_^


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