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2009-06-05 02:49:59 by MikeBlade

The reason I make music....Well it started one day back in late 2005 when I ran into my friend Brandin (Brothagadget) and he was telling me about how he makes music. So one day he put me on newgrounds and I ran into a track that till this day I still listen too. Cajete's " Spirit of the Warrior". Man when I heard that song I knew right then I wanted to be a beatmaker. I wanted to make music like that and just become a musical force in the Newgrounds Community. So I started making beats and dropped my first Newgrounds track back in Spring of 2006. When I look back on that like...damn I have grown. So over the years I have struggled to make a type of music that was just different but still stood out. I tired the Hip Hop thing and well...not my thing. I actually despise the current mainstream nation of Hip Hop. She isn't what she used to be, but I do respect all the beatmakers who are able to produce alot of music that could definitely become a mainstream track. So I continued to struggle, My home boi Reven tried to help me find a sound...couldn't. I listened to so many different artists but still couldn't come up with a sound that is own, but now I think I have found it. For those who know me and for those that don't I want to tell you this. The focus of my music is to provide a story style atmosphere of cool transitional melodies between classical/rock/trance. I wanna make a diverse percussion setup that will allow all my listeners to be able to groove to my musik without voices on it. I want my stuff to be able to be used in Flashes and Animes and so on....So when you my fellow newgrounds artists and fans listen to my musik...I want them to be able to see ALL of that....THAT is the focus of MikeBlade's music. Thankz for reading.


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2009-06-12 01:28:50

beautiful =) So when we gonna do that collab?



2009-08-18 03:26:59

damn yo i am feelin this post.


2009-08-31 06:01:53

We all have our reasons why we make music =). This is a damn good one!