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Yo Yo a tid bit into Mike Blade

2009-06-01 06:52:03 by MikeBlade

Alright fellow producers,beatmakers, rapperz, flash artists. I am makin this post juz to give folkz a little more insight into who I am. First and for most let me say that me and MATTBLADE should not be confused as the SAME person. We are brothers, two unique styles of musik and two different "swaggers." Secondly I been makin musik for about...damn like 3-4 years? Yea since I been postin to Newgroundz. Im currently in school to be a Firefighter and makin musik is a hobby of mine that helps me relax and juz put my thoughts out there. I'm a real cool ass dude and would collab wit juz about anyone so juz let me know; but let me put out there the focus of my musik. My focuz is to make beats from samples and such....building from the ground up. No dizz to the samplerz out there cuz they are mad tight at what they do I juz believe in makin beatz from scratch and such. My way of the Musik (Love naruto lmao). Also I wish to provide escape from reality, i use alot of trance like soundz and rhythmic progressions at a attempt to take you away from traditional music selection and bring you into a arena of imagery and imagination.

So that is a little bit into me. Collabs are watz up no matter what genre your in, lets make the NGAP bang wit the underground soundz of use strugglin artists. Be cool and hit me up!

P.s: RaTe an ReViEw mY MuSiK plz ^_^


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2009-06-02 23:39:45

You were basicly my first collab =)